Peyote 3D Stars!

9/13/2019 Correction noted: #10 Ten lords leaping - Round #20: Please repeat the first and second rows in place of what is listed for rows three and four. 

10/19/19  Correction file - print a corrected color chart (page 1) for twelve drummers drumming . Simply click on the blue link and print a copy  So sorry for the error, I cut and pasted the wrong color chart. 

3D peyote stitched stars

Partridge Star PDF

First in a series of 4" peyote 3D stars featuring the beloved 12 Days Of Christmas!

Debi Caldiera teamed with Deb Moffett-Hall to create this delightful series based on Deb's designs adapted to the star format by Debi.

This one is a free gift - 

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