New Peyote Items

    Christmas Plaid, Snowy Day, Elemental Unicorn: Earth visit: Heirloom Ornament . Bracelets visit: Charted Peyote


New Loom Items

New Projects for the Endless Loom

Endless Loom Projects


The Endless Loom & Loom Patterns

No warp ends !   3 bracelet styles: Clasp, Stretch, & Leather Wrap. Ornaments Too!

CLick here to visit the Endless Loom & Loom Patterns collection


Heirloom Peyote Ornaments

Create Beautiful Ornaments using Peyote stitch,  sometimes Brick stitch is used for details. Color Charts with Delica color numbers listed

Click Here to Visit the Heirloom peyote ornament pattern collection


Quick Start Peyote Cards & Pattern Reading System

Never struggle to start peyote stitch! Easy even for beginners. Pattern Reading System helps keep track of your place on patterns as you stitch. Videos and how-to instruction

Click Here to Visit the QSP & PRS Collection



Bracelet Patterns feature detailed step-by-step instructions with photos or diagrams. Some include free earring instructions.

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From dainty to bold a gallery of necklace styles to create. Step-by-step photos and diagrams guide you through a variety of stitches. 

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Swag Ornaments

Easy Count & String Assembly      Most for 2-5/8"  Ornaments, 1 doz patterns for  2" ornaments & 1 doz for 3 -3/4" acrylic facetted drops.

Click Here to Visit The Swag Ornament Pattern Collections


Charted Peyote Projects

FLower panels and Dog panels, Bracelet and assorted other panel peyote charts

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Available Kits

 kits for ornament or jewelry projects include pattern, beads, clasp, thread,  (no ornament balls)

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