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  • Met Deb at Philly bead show – u have me tips on starting working on the endless loom. I just finished the Pumpkin Patch Crystal Drop – can’t wait to start my second pattern

  • Bought 5 patterns from Deb and am delighted with arrival speed and quality of product. Very clear and concise patterns for gorgeous bling. :)

  • SBAM free gift – I ordered all of the 12 days of Christmas Stars and then found out you have a free Nativity? With that purchase. Can I still get the Nativity?
    Terrie Peterson

    Peterson Terrie
  • does all ornaments cover using looms? can it be stitch without looms?

  • Where can I get some of the 5-hole spacers for some of the older patterns? I’m make three of the Diamond ornaments from the birthstone collection for a baby shower. The bead store I got them at has closed. Thank you.

    Janet Daugherty

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