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2024 February 3-D Ornament: Celebrations of the Heart

2024 February 3-D Ornament: Celebrations of the Heart

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Lets talk hearts.... they are not just for Valentines Day! They can be part of many celebrations that touch our hearts. 

Weddings, New Baby, Anniversaries, Milestones, and Accomplishments all deserve their own Dated Ornament. That's right, you can stitch peyote dates right in the band. Years 2021-2031 are included but only 2024 is word charted. You can use these dates with the other ornament patterns too.

With only four colors it is easy to personalize your celebration. Match the bridal party, select favorite colors, team colors, the options are wide open.  
Two options, Your Choice! Brick Stitch Ornament with Peyote Band OR
Peyote Ornament with a tiny bit of Brick and a Peyote band. Both styles include color charts, word charts, and illustrated instructions. Be sure to choose a Stitch Style above!